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We know by experience that when we open our hearts to this loving, strengthening action of the good spirit, we grow so much.

Source: Tips from St. Ignatius for the spiritual battle | Angelus News


Here’s another Catholic article that has some merit but also the same old shortcomings that I often found as a Catholic churchgoer.

“Rules” for spiritual development?

Could that be a reflection of the 16th century in which Ignatius lived?

I think so.

Today, we need a more fluid and flexible approach to spirituality. Mind you, the basic teachings still apply.

  • Try to do God’s will
  • Don’t fool ourselves and others

The problem with the contemporary Church is its massive blindspot. It upholds rules and regulations as if these will lead to sanctity. Meanwhile, priests and most parishioners tend to completely ignore the excessive worldliness and corruption within the Church.

While talking to some Catholics it’s like I’m talking to a cult member—someone indoctrinated by a cult. I usually play the game rather than stir up the pot.

I talk “Catholic” to Catholics. There’s no point in trying to get them to be real. To see the light. Most are too thoroughly brainwashed.

I guess they find security in having some kind of prefabricated system all mapped out for them. I’m not sure.

Just take a look at Rule # 12 in these guidelines from St. Ignatius.

It’s a joke. Sexist and dangerous.

But the Catholics who post and read this kind of tripe talk about how ‘wonderful’ it all is.

No. We need an updated spirituality that speaks to the 21st century. Anything else is just muddled, regimented, and harmful. A comfy, well-worn path for folks who don’t want to do the hard work of thinking things through, acknowledging the underbelly of the Church, and getting to the truth of what’s really happening.

Sometimes I feel that the Catholic Church is perpetuating the same kind of hypocrisy, worldliness, and stupidity that Jesus, if we can believe the New Testament accounts, thoroughly despised.

What are you thinking?

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