Quebec has eased its physical distancing restriction from two metres to one. Experts say this might be risky but practical.

Source: 1 or 2 metres: Should Canada change its COVID-19 distancing guidelines?


I have talked about the ‘Church of Science’ before. That’s what I call the uncritical or biased use of science to further a particular agenda.

Before the pandemic, most readers probably thought I was just another crackpot skeptic who believed in casting yarrow sticks or petitioning God to determine the future. But I have always just thought for myself. Because I am different from most, I have had to be like this to avoid as much difficulty as possible.

Basically, the true individual has to be one step ahead of the angry hostiles, duplicitous fakes, conventional authoritarians, and general numbskulls of this world.

Of course, being different sets you up for direct or sneaky, behind your back attacks. That’s life and one needs to develop a prayer life, genuine humility, and a reliance on God to get through it. That’s my answer, anyhow.

But to get back to the idea of the ‘Church of Science,’ from the above-linked article it’s clear that Covid specialists cannot even agree on how far apart we should distance from others. Some say three feet, others six. And yet a third group says even six feet is insufficient because aerosols spread through an indoor environment like wildfire.

I tend to agree with the latter group. Consider someone opening a perfume bottle in a room. In about a second the scent fills the entire space.

That’s because of two things—drafts and the fact that air molecules themselves are not stationary but always vibrating with energy. Air molecules collide with one another on the microscopic level, which creates a chain reaction that apparently spreads aerosols – airborne particles like Covid-19 – through an entire indoor space within seconds.

See this interesting article for more on aerosols: