Friday night I walked over to get my second dose of the mRNA drug. I’m a caregiver for a senior so pretty much have to get it. If I lived alone, I probably would have stopped taking vaccines after the first dose.

They say the reaction to the second dose can be stronger and in my case this was true. Yesterday was a challenging day. Not only did I have fever, chills, muscle and headache and severe fatigue, but had to care for the person I live with.

Anyhow, I manged to get through it while covering all the essentials and today am feeling much better.

While walking over Friday to get my second dose I reflected on how the familiar scene of the nearby community center took on a slightly dystopian character. People wearing masks and heading in to get a shot for a worldwide virus that started in China.

It’s weird when you think about it. And as I say, the familiar area seemed a bit futuristic and odd to me. I said to myself, “Well, you always wanted to see the future… here it is!”

Today if my temperature stays at normal I’ll be taking my mother up to another location for her second dose. I’m hoping it does not affect her like it affected me. She’s pretty robust so am keeping my fingers crossed.

What a nightmare!