CSIS – The Canadian CIA, as it were

Ms. Geddes described the threat as coming primarily from countries that don’t share Canada’s democratic values. She referred to Russia and China, as well as other unnamed regimes, but added that it wasn’t only China, and that China is “not universally a bad actor.”

A little more than a year ago, Canada’s spy agency went into overdrive in an effort to warn universities and researchers that they could be the targets of international espionage.

Potential threats might not even be willing participants in espionage but could be “vulnerable to state demands” in another country, where they might be legally compelled to produce material by a foreign state security agency, CSIS said.*

Source: CSIS warns Canadian universities to be on alert for international espionage – The Globe and Mail


If you have been following Earthpages.org, this story should not be too surprising. I have been suggesting this possibility for many years.

Perhaps Canada is a bit of a slow starter for certain things. But once we get it, we really get it.

I’m thinking of our vaccine response which initially, thanks to the bungling Mr. Trudeau, was one of the worst in the world. But once Trudeau and his team finally got their act together, the country eventually responded by being one of the best in the world in terms of getting shots in arms.

Is it similar with our response to international threats to our Canadian democracy?

To me, it seems our intelligence agency (CSIS) is finally catching on as to the severity of the threat. And since Canadians tend to be pretty sharp, well-focused individuals I would venture to guess that it’s only a matter of time before my hypotheses about bad actors in academia – not just students but actual professors – is proved true.


* I hope the Globe will forgive me for quoting at length. But given the severity of the situation and how I have been sticking my neck out well before others on this topic, I think the above quotations are justified.