With more Canadians getting fully vaccinated, people are starting to travel again, but there is a barrier for those who have mixed doses of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Source: ‘This is extremely inconvenient’ Canadians with mixed COVID-19 doses unable to travel to some EU countries | CTV News


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Yesterday, I posted a rather limp CBC story on Twitter that mentioned the problem but gave next to no analysis as to why “fully vaccinated” Canadians are banned from traveling to some European countries.

Don’t forget that CBC gets lots of federal funding. So being too critical of Mr. Trudeau for a CBC clone might be sort of like a Russia Today writer criticizing Vlad the Impaler.

Come to think of it, there’s probably some connection between the two, given the creeping influence of Russia in Canada.

I actually was told by a former CBC employee they got their job through international political connections and not thru merit, at all.

However, I sniffed out the reason why so-called fully vaccinated travelers are banned from some countries before reading it anywhere in print or on the web.

And this morning, CTV, which is a private company and not coddled by the taxpayers, also spelled it out.

What can I say?

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