For the most part, I am a happy person and often think that if I did not have reason to believe in God, I’d be in a pretty bad way. Chasing after the latest thrill or thing to buy isn’t enough. Not for me, anyhow. There’s more to life than that.

Apparently the pandemic can even mess with our dreaming self

Don’t get me wrong. Parts of my day can drag on, especially with the pandemic. For me, those lukewarm hours tend to be around 2 p.m. If I don’t have an appointment and am still at home, my body begins to feel tired and staying productive to dinner time seems challenging.

Luckily, I can usually nap during those hours. And I do! Earplugs keep most outdoor noises from disturbing my sleep… and God knows, in Toronto there are some truly obnoxious ones.

Upon waking I feel like a recharged battery – if a slightly old one! ๐Ÿ˜† – ready to take on the late afternoon and evening.

I also need interests. Luckily, I have several hobbies, so when one doesn’t speak to me, another probably will. These include photography; music listening; playing and composing on guitar, piano and PC; news; reading history and fiction; prose and sci-fi writing; watching and streaming TV, and tinkering with Linux. And yeah, when NONE of those speak to me, there’s always some household chore that needs to be done. My dad was pretty handy and I can usually fix minor things requiring creative solutions.

My dad and my uncle (yellow coat) were both “hands-on” guys who loved sailing

There are ways to get through a pandemic, providing we’re healthy and not struggling too much economically.

So when I see articles like the following two, I feel sort of stuck in the middle between them. I can’t buy into American-based psychology nor can I go whole hog with the New Agers and crystal gazers.

For me, we need an intelligent, individualized spirituality that rests on some kind of ‘scientific’ method but which also recognizes the limits of science.

Sound complicated?

Well yeah. And no.

Over the years my somewhat contemplative and yet adventurous soul has settled down. God has been working on me. The job’s not done, obviously, or I wouldn’t still be here. But I can see a process unfolding over time. One of centering, finding my relationship with God and allowing that to be central my life and purpose.

How many paranormal or psychological folks emphasize that?

Some do, but on the whole, we’ve put God in the backseat when really, God should be our copilot and master override in times of folly or danger.

Some poor saps don’t even know God is in the car! And that probably is the biggest reason why we can be unhappy and could end up dissatisfied when all our natural and unnatural desires no longer titillate us.

As I say, pleasures from trinkets and even romantic and certainly sexual thrills don’t last too long. We need something more fundamental and everlasting.

In a word… God.

Are you there yet?