For more than a decade, federal Conservatives across Canada have taken aim at carbon tax policy with great vitriol. Now the Conservatives have pulled a 180-degree turn — though the issue may remain politicized in the future.

You probably know what Mr. Trudeau looks like but not this guy, the Canadian Federal Conservative Party Leader, Erin O’Toole

Source: How Conservatives came around to supporting a carbon tax — and whether it’s here to stay | CBC News


The man pictured here is the federal leader of the Canadian Conservative Party. He’s doing his best to counter Mr. Trudeau who – I would say selfishly – called an early election, hoping this would give him four more years of power. I say selfishly because elections cost the taxpayer, simple as that.

One of the biggest issues in the ongoing political debate heading into the election is climate change. Mr. Trudeau has already imposed a federal carbon tax. Originally, the Conservatives vowed to scrap it if elected. But they have changed their tune.

Critics say this is a weak bid to get elected by bending to popular opinion and not sticking to one’s true beliefs about what’s best for a nation. However, supporters and sycophants say the Conservatives are “evolving.”

Whatever the truth may be, I myself have mixed feelings about paying even more tax – a carbon tax – every time I fill up at the pump. Canadians are already heavily taxed at the pump, and the extra amount just seems like the kick that knocks the cup over, forcing too many people to cut back and cut corners even more.

Inflation in Canada is up, largely thanks to the Liberals. They seem to want to hand out everything to everyone, even to non-Canadians. But this isn’t quite true. They tend to hand out freebies to politically correct groups while callously ignoring others.

The problem with overinflating a balloon, as any kid will know, is that it eventually bursts.

Economically speaking, if too many Canadians are driven into poverty through wildly inflated prices, social unrest will undoubtedly rise. People are already yelling profanities – and worse – at Mr. Trudeau. And instead of taking their anger seriously, he is trying to marginalize them and their intense emotions.

Guess what Mr. Trudeau? People get upset and even unruly when they are not raised with a silver spoon that will carry them through the bad times.

Sometimes I call Mr. Trudeau “The Little Prince,” mostly because as a former PM’s son, he has never had to worry about money. He talks the talk but has never walked the talk.

And what about that Carbon Tax?

One reason I have concerns about our national carbon tax is that I am not convinced the net global benefit offsets the national economic and potential social harm.

Canada has about 38 million people across our land. That’s a joke compared to, say, China, India or the USA. So until those countries come up to speed (if they ever do) with regard to a carbon tax, why should we throw our dollars down the drain?

Some like to think Canada plays an important role as a ‘world leader’ but I see this more as self-congratulatory fantasy thinking. Most people don’t give a hoot about Canada. I know because I am Canadian and as the guy behind Earthpages, I need to keep my outlook global and not just Canadian to get any hits at all.

I even hesitated writing about Canadian carbon pricing because I don’t want to post on a topic nobody is really interested in. Hopefully, some readers in smaller countries will recognize this Canadian dynamic of political posturing (mixed with fantasy thinking) because it occurs or could occur in their own land too.