Garreth Quinn was jailed over an attempted robbery in which an undercover garda was accidentally shot dead by a colleague

Source: Convicted Irish criminal turns his back on the underworld to become a psychic healer


Here’s a funny one that caught my eye. I was tempted to entitle it, “From one scam to another?” but of course, we cannot be certain if the former con’s psychic gig is for real or not.

And that’s the problem with so many psychics. Their claims cannot be verified. Perhaps what can be verified is that many so-called psychics are experts at feeling out individuals and preying on their hopes and desires—that is, preying on their vulnerabilities.

I do believe in psi. Psi is a modern word that encapsulates most of what we call “paranormal” activity. But for me, anyone who has genuine spiritual gifts uses them without a fee. And they tend to be undercover… as in ‘undercover angels,’ if you will. They don’t splash their names around or hang a shingle out front of a brick and mortar or online shop.

They just do… The right thing.