The Problem?

The Answer?

My Indian M.A. at Santiniketan, W. Bengal certainly fit into a ‘holistic’ model and my undergrad coursework choices in Canada were also headed that way. Maybe I got shot down by an authoritarian and incompetent professor at the Ph.D. level but I am glad I took the courses I took and did the things I did.

I had to follow my muse. I had signed up for a Sociology M.A. in Canada and had received funding for it. But I turned that down without hesitation when accepted and funded for the Indian M.A. It was an adventure and I needed a new challenge.

Studying in India before the advent of the internet and email provided that challenge. The school was also international, so I met folks from all around the world. I can do that in Canada now. But back then in the 80s it was a bit of a novelty.

I don’t think university is a waste of time but don’t expect to get ahead if you happen to run up against a modern-day Joe Stalin… unless you want to be like that yourself!

That’s about all I have to say on the topic.

No big news stories right now… so I am reminiscing. šŸ§

The 1977 album I Robot by Alan Parsons was pretty big when I was in high school. I was too young to fully understand what the music was getting at but sensed it on some level. Star Wars had come out just a few days before and we all knew about Darth Vader… I think kids and teens can sense crud before they actually comprehend it with their intellects. The word robot, btw, was coined by a Czech, just in case anyone is wondering… šŸ˜…