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Source: Mob Violence and Persecution of Christians Grows Defending Persecuted Christians in India at the United Nations | American Center for Law and Justice

Still from video (below)


Christians often get a bad rap from New Agers and secular believers (ask me why I say “believers” if interested and we can talk in the comments area) but in reality Christian persecution – that is, the persecution of Christians by non-Christians – is rampant.

However, anti-Christian hate isn’t reported too often by the mainstream media arguably because stories involving antisemitism, so-called “Islamophobia” and other persecuted groups generate more buzz and revenue for media outlets.

Also, “blow with the wind” politicians who know how to capitalize on trending issues play up everything but Christian persecution to garner more support (and in the case of the Canadian PM Trudeau, more votes for an unnecessary and selfish premature election).

But here’s the reality. Watch the video. Actually, Christian persecution is often much worse than what we see here—rapings, torchings, murders. But as I say, the ongoing persecution of Christians around the world is not a hot political topic right now, so it takes venues like Earthpages to bring this truth to light.