Featured Online Radio – 1.FM – Always Christmas

Listen – https://www.1.fm/search/Christmas

I imagine most of us know about 1.FM. It’s been around a long time. I remember first hearing it in a donut shop while waiting for my mother to finish up a physio session. That was many years ago and the world of internet radio has literally exploded since then. But still, it’s nice to go back to an old standby and see how it’s changed over the years. That’s how I felt today as I tuned into Always Christmas.

Quite a good channel. Although I’m not a huge fan of its occasional station ID interruption. Luckily, that only lasts a moment, and then it’s back to the music.

(re)Discovered via Shortwave, a fantastic, free and ad-free radio tuner for LInux OS

I dedicate this choice to everyone out there. Once we realize who Christ is, we forget all those anti-Christian sentiments and understand that that’s just our disappointment with mankind or perhaps with ourselves (what Freud and Jung call “projection”), but certainly not with Christ.

Listen – https://www.1.fm/search/Christmas

I also dedicate this selection to the late Don Jackson, formerly of CHFI FM where he singlehandedly produced and hosted the very popular “Lovers and Other Strangers” show. Don died last summer but I just found out today.

Before and after Don left CHFI I contacted him and unlike some stars, he actually replied with some very nice messages. Here’s a hauntingly beautiful tune I first heard on his show while driving downtown for a Sunday night Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Toronto.

Thanks Don!

Listen – https://www.1.fm/search/Christmas

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