Psychic Spies: Any Truth in ‘Men Who Stare at Goats?’ – ABC News | Opinion

Former officers discuss covert program to train unit in the paranormal.

Source: Psychic Spies: Any Truth in ‘Men Who Stare at Goats?’ – ABC News

The above article goes back to 2009. I’m just testing out some new RSS readers and this one, called LIFEREA, pulled this story up from about 12 years ago. Impressive!

Although an old story, it still applies today, as I argue below.

Screen grab of Liferea feed reader. Click on image for fullsize.


Imagine how exasperating it could be if you were harmed by and continued to inwardly sense someone consumed by evil yet very few others could appreciate what you saw. Even worse, imagine that those warped and wretched souls you perceived tried to make it seem like you were just imagining what you experienced.

That’s how some decent, bonafide psychics and super-intuitives must feel, I would think. Like those woman athletes who suffered outrageous abuse by their team doctor, nobody believed them and if they did, the Powers That Be mishandled their allegations instead of openly investigating.

“I am especially sorry that there were people at the FBI who had their own chance to stop this monster back in 2015 and failed.” – Pinterest | Axios

One way researchers have tried to overcome the personal and societal hazards of dark intuitives, if you will, is through a scientific investigation of the so-called paranormal. However, some maintain that phenomena like super-intuition and psi follow their own logic and not necessarily that of a controlled experimental design—so mostly insignificant results should be no surprise.

Today, the debate goes on and some highly intuitive rogues doing bad things most likely continue to get away with their corrosive activity to the detriment of all.

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