In order to face the rapidly changing, increasingly complex, and globally connected world, we need to focus on the importance of early brain and child development.

Source: Let’s Build Brains Better! Brain Science-Inspired Policies for the Future


Psychiatry has been championed and criticized from diverse perspectives. Articles like this illustrate some of the reasons professionals and the public alike have mixed opinions concerning its wisdom and efficacy.

To me, the above-linked article seems pretty superficial. Sure, we need healthy brains. That’s pretty obvious. And yes, when I worked downtown as a city gardener, often in poor areas, I saw emaciated young women with stricken-looking faces giving their babies Kool-Aid in a bottle instead of milk.

Education is key to brain development, as is love, trust, nutrition, and many other factors.

However, in its discussion of poverty the above-linked article overlooks several elements that IMO represent the root causes of inequality—for example, evil, corruption, greed and oppression.

Because psychiatry usually skims over these timeless and omnipresent realities, it fails for many to really heal. And I think psychiatry will continue to fall short with mixed efficacy and approval until it attains a truly integrated perspective on mankind, a being that is so much more than a mere brain to be ‘built.’