Halifax “street party” roundly condemned and several charged | Opinion

This book isn’t directly related to the story but I liked the cover!

Halifax is a minor east coast Canadian city and a sort of laid-back place. It hosts a major Canadian university and last Saturday, students wanting to blow off a little steam and vent a little Covid stress got into hot water by attending a street party.

The news treatment of this event was quite telling. A barometer of the times. The students’ behavior was called “deplorable” and “reckless” by the university, which promised further disciplinary action. Ten people were arrested.

How many other public events are treated this way? How about Trudeau’s political rallies for a totally unnecessary, early election? Or for that matter, how about Trudeau asking all Canadians to line up and go INDOORS to vote? I wonder how many people got sick just from voting. Maybe some will die. Did Trudeau care? Did anybody care or even think this way?

Or how about a Leaf game? The Toronto Maple Leafs had their first exhibition game against the Montreal Canadiens the very same night as the street party. Were people arrested for attending INDOORS?

The game at Scotiabank Arena played before 10,000 mask-wearing fans was the first event at the venue with paying spectators since March 2020 after the Ontario government relaxed COVID-19 restrictions Friday, allowing for 50 per cent of normal capacity [emphasis added]. Source – CBC

Nope. But students were arrested for having fun OUTDOORS, which the scientists have told us is essentially a safe place to be.

So what’s the difference here? What’s the important variable?

Myself, I see two key variables.

Power and money.

Concerning power, Canadians are so duped by our corrupt political process they went to the polls like obedient sheep. They were ‘good citizens’ and wanted to ‘have their say.’

Phfaw! What a joke.

As for money, if you can’t make some bucks off a public event, it’s “deplorable” and “reckless.” If you can, well, that’s okay.

Ten thousand spectators PAID to go to this INDOOR game, so it was okay. One thousand students DID NOT PAY to have fun OUTSIDE, so it was not okay?

I realize that the students mostly did not wear masks but neither did the hockey players. Also, the students were outside. We don’t have to wear masks outside. In short, it seems there is a very serious point to be made here.

Even more unsettling, this morning in my news feeds I saw some calls to have scientists take over the job of politicians—scientists who don’t have to worry about making a living because they already have nice paying jobs and cozy grants.

Perhaps Canada needs the late, great Leonard Cohen to help straighten out this mess. As Cohen put it, “I can see the future and it’s murder.”

For more and videos, see: Halifax “street party” – Google Search

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