Major corporations are working to defeat Biden’s climate agenda.

Source: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, & Disney Lobby Against Biden Climate Initiative | CleanTechnica

If you have to pay millions to see this, are you really there?


Greedy Greens?

Or should I say

Green hypocrisy?

For a long time I have suggested that if Bill Gates and the Microsoft crew really wanted to fix the environment and simultaneously help needy and economically middling folks around the world, they would continue to provide free security updates for older MS software like Windows 7. The amount of electronic junk on our planet is staggering. And most people ditch their old and buy new hardware when they have to—that is, they purchase to stay safe from hackers.

Myself, I am blogging this entry on a very old and just fast enough computer that works fine with Windows 7. But I don’t use Windows 7 because it’s unsafe from a security perspective. Fortunately, I had some time to learn the Linux basics so am typing with the help of a minimal but secure Linux distribution.

However, not everyone has the time, desire or perhaps aptitude to learn Linux, even if it is free software.

So they’re stuck… buy new stuff or dramatically increase your odds of being hacked.

From the above-linked story it seems the Microsoft crew are not the only two-faced rich folks on this planet. Several major corporations seem conflicted when it comes to the difference between talking and actually doing Green.

Noise pollution is also injurious to our health

However, I don’t think this hypocrisy is limited to the upper crust. How many everyday Green-niks have two or more cars? Go on trips using jet fuel? Wash their dishes with a machine instead of by hand? Use a gas-powered leaf blower instead of a (much quieter) rake?

I could go on.

But I think we all know the answer.

Being Green is more often than not a self-congratulatory, money-making scene than a reality.