The dictionary definition of ‘equity’ seems similar to that of ‘equality,’ but there’s an important distinction between the two.

Source: Equity vs. Equality: What’s the Difference? | Mental Floss


This is a sensitive topic that not too many people want to touch in a mature, responsible manner. Most will agree with one side, either the Don Lemon side (CNN) or the Tucker Carlson side (FOX). But in reality, life is a bit more complex than the hardheaded dichotomy which both of these broadcasters (players?) tend to exacerbate.

Lourin Hubbard adds an interesting fourth element to the picture. And I think he’s right in this particular circumstance. Watching a baseball game takes no special talent. You just watch. So if the proverbial wall or fence is taken down, everyone can enjoy the game, as it should be.

However, people like Jamie Lee Curtis distort this picture by overlooking the fact that achieving a goal through talent and hard work is not the same thing as passively watching something we enjoy.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ parents were both famous movie stars – Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. If you check Wikipedia both Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh grew up in extremely challenging circumstances. Jamie Lee Curtis’ childhood wasn’t exactly easy either, but she did have celebrity parents which arguably helped to get her in the door.

I like Jamie Lee Curtis. I think she’s a good actor. But great?

Cummon, let’s get real.

Perhaps part of the reason her biggest roles were about her body and sexuality was that she was just good at acting but not great.

That’s how I see it. Individual opinions will of course vary. Some might say she was never given a ‘decent’ role because she was pigeonholed into the scary-sexy-thriller genre.

Even if that were true, the same thing happened to Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Typecasting wasn’t just a “girl” thing. It was a “boy toy” thing too.

Don Johnson “Miami Vice”

Also, how many male stars have achieved fame with a lot of help from their sexuality? You know, the “hunks” that made the front cover of glossy mags mostly because of their abs and asses.

Burt Reynolds comes to mind. But there are many more through the decades.

True, some sexy guys do get ‘serious’ roles. But they also have the talent to pull it off.

Brad Pitt… Leonardo DiCaprio… Sidney Potier…

And guess what? Some sexy women get ‘serious’ roles too. Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone…

Oh, but they are not just pretty, they can really act.

Do you think that might have something to do with it?

Sorry, but this Jamie Lee Curtis piece seems like either sour grapes or flirting with the outskirts of ‘me-too’ for a bit of publicity. Maybe she really believes she didn’t have much ‘serious’ success due to sexism. But I would tend to disagree.

I’ll try to forget all that as I watch Halloween this fall. It’s a great trashy movie and Curtis was perfect for it!