It’s a good time of the year for an orange jumpsuit – Most hostiles want to get caught, anyhow | Opinion

That’s right folks, another apparently clever couple has been snatched up into the hands of the law.

It seems most hostiles are just normal people caught up in a web of intrigue. They know what they are doing is wrong and on some level, they want to get caught.

It’s the only way to alleviate their burning guilt. And as unsettling as it may be to get all paranoid about FBI or RCMP officers appearing at their front door, the hostile is actually relieved when they are carried off to prison in cuffs.

Now they at least have a chance for redemption. For salvation.

Of course, not all criminals are like this. In the Italian series Gomorrah, the crime boss Don Pietro tries to rule his “family affairs” from inside prison, and I would imagine that’s a reflection of some kind of reality out there.

Don Pietro is a crime boss in the Italian series, Gomorrah

However, if a religious studies professor, for example, ever slipped up and was proven to be an international criminal, I would think that, having leanings toward religion, the fallen professor might take the orange jumpsuit as an opportunity to read the Bible, repent and do good works behind bars.

This hypothetical scenario may seem far-fetched to some naive readers. But after many years of being duped, law enforcement is finally catching on to the idea that academia is a great hideout for hostiles… especially backwater universities whose admin are so full of shit they can hardly see straight.

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