Little update to this… Last night I heard this tune for the first time on my dad’s radio. It didn’t sound nearly as impressive without the video. So unlike Dua Lipa, I like the video version of this better than just the song!

*  *  *

It’s pretty rare that a song makes my eyes begin to tear up. I think the last time was when Elton John released “The One,” a very digital-sounding 90s comeback CD and single, released well after his zenith in the analog 70s.

Admittedly, for the beginning of this video I was thinking, Get on with the music… we don’t need the play-acting… 

But when Adele first hit that ladder melody that’s when it hit me. Wow. No mystery why she’s so big.

What a voice! It reaches right into your guts and just makes you react. If you like it that is.

I did!