Actually, I don’t need too many words.

If Photoshop Elements worked flawlessly on Linux with Wine, I would probalby have left this albatross of an OS behind. And come to think of it, VST plugins for making music don’t always work too well with Wine and Linux either… Another reason to endure this bloated OS and extended advertisement known as Windows 10.

I hate to see but am also curious as to what Windows 11 will bring.

Why can’t MS offer a “lite” version of Windows 10 and 11, without all this resource-consuming rubbish and Big Brotherish insistence on using Windows Defender?

Bottom line – If your PC runs smoothly on Windows 10, it is probably better to keep this OS installed. However, if you just want to surf the web, stream movies, listen to music and do emails, Linux will probably be noticebly snappier.