Opinion | The Environmental Shakedown – A New Kind of Authoritarian Bullying?

Have you ever noticed how some of the most vocal and visible climate change activists use jet airplanes instead of staying at home, humbly conserving energy? They see their ‘mission’ as so important that they deserve a free pass to pollute, all the while telling the rest of us not to.


Look, I respect environmental activism. But if you don’t practice what you preach, are you really any better than those TV hucksters who talk about JAYSUS… all the while scooping up money from the poor and vulnerable to fund a life of luxury?

Age Doesn’t Matter

Age has no bearing on climate change hypocrisy. Young, old, and middle-aged play the same game. And it can be a self-aggrandizing charade.

But no, it’s not a charade. Because real people are suffering from out-of-control inflation and in Canada, a harmful carbon tax that is rising much faster than the mean global temperature.

This clip from Tucker Carlson at FOX NEWS features Candace Owens, an interesting and lively person who once was an anti-Trump liberal but who turned to the other side.

When listening to her speak about the government taking and spending the taxpayers’ money wherever they please, I couldn’t help but draw parallels with Justin Trudeau’s liberals:

Socialism and authoritarianism

Back in the day, I used to laugh when Americans said Canada was socialist. I liked our universal health care and felt that Canada had done quite well in the worlds of business and private ownership.

I don’t laugh anymore.

Government should serve the people, not take their money and choose how to spend it for them.

Canada earmarks 20 per cent of climate funding to address biodiversity loss

If someone is concerned about biodiversity, they can always donate their own money to the cause. They can choose how to spend what they have earned.

But with our rising socialist authoritarianism, Mr. Trudeau and his crew are taking our cash any which way they can, and spending it anywhere they please.

Cop26: Trudeau pushed for global carbon pricing | CTV News

Canada is at a low ebb. It wasn’t always this way. And some millennials and immigrants who have never seen better will probably passively accept this sad state of affairs. But not just them. Seems everyone is buying into this Big Brother B.S.

Why conservative criticisms of carbon pricing are full of hot air

The above article is in The Globe and Mail, which once was a paper for individuals concerned with the financial well-being of the country. But The Globe has turned into a sappy rag, parroting all the latest trends, probably because that pays the bills for a select few.

This country has seen better. From the 1960s to 80s we actually saw far more diversity than now. We had a balance of conservative, liberal and fringe thinkers. Now it’s just a sickening hegemony of one stripe only.

I tolerate it because I have no choice, just as we must tolerate a robber who fritters away our hard-won income any way they please.

But endorse it?

What are you thinking?

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