Why does suffering sometimes ennoble and other times embitter?

People who undergo great trials can turn out one of two ways. They either become better people, learning about their own imperfections and resolving to improve or on the other hand, they just become miserable losers hell-bent on making other people suffer just like they did.

One underlying cause for this difference must have something to do with how one deals or does not deal with some kind of psychological trauma. When the soul remains in the dark, as it were, it just wants to spread darkness. But when we open up to the light, we tend to want to radiate that light.

I doubt, however, it’s quite that simple.

In our mysterious world, it is conceivable that some individuals are just sent to be troublesome and difficult. And no self-help books or shrink sessions will help them. The only answer is to collectively identify them for what they are and take steps to keep them under control so as to minimize the harm they can inflict on individuals and society at large.

In politics we have sanctions and in business and civil society, we have the courts. Both of these solutions tend to be flawed and imperfect but they are better than taking no action at all.

Ironically, both Xi and Putin went through their hard times. And both came out the other end making hard times for others.

Whether these individuals have unresolved complexes or are simply messengers of strife, regardless of the etiology of their madness they need to be watched by the global community. Not only them but any person who tries to spread a viral political ‘disease’ into other countries—the spies, the criminals, the violent liars.

Do you know anyone who fits the bill?