Maybe cos of global warming… but I’m seeing Saturnalia out my window…

just as much as Christmas!

In my mind’s eye, I mean…

Most of you probably know that Saturnalia was a huge Roman holiday that took place roughly the same time as our Christmas. The Christian church, after it had ideologically and spiritually conquered Rome decided to make the date for Christmas on the same day as the former pagan holiday.


Well, that’s pretty obvious. The churchmen were always good ideologues, and they realized that it would be far easier for the public to switch the object of their celebrating during the same period they always celebrated.

Sort of like a new TV hit before the advent of streaming. It still played in PrimeTime so the public was already geared up to watch.

I don’t mean to be cynical about Christmas. I love it. But we just do know the actual day Christ was born. It could have been today, and I suppose some diehard theologians would insist that it is. Myself, I don’t care so much.

Every day is Christmas. This is something I have said for quite a few years, ever since my spiritual sensitivities began to awaken.

However, as mortal creatures of habit, most of us need or enjoy some specific day to really focus on and celebrate the birth of Christ.

How about you?

What does Christmas mean to you?

Merry Christmas! 🌟🙏😇

What are you thinking?

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