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Source: CGTN – Homepage – Breaking News, China News, World News and Video


The site has the caption, “See the difference.” And yes you can. You can see the difference between whitewashing and more authentic news outlets where at least contentious issues are addressed instead of being entirely sanitized.

Case and point – Search the site for

Peng Shuai >>

and see what comes up.

We have to remember that China wasn’t always like this. The history of Chinese thought is really quite interesting. On the one hand, we have figures like Lao Tzu who emphasized spontaneously being in accord with nature and the Tao while others like Confucius stressed that rules and regulations were a central part of the Tao.

Seems the Confucian side is getting the upper hand with this latest brand of Chinese State authoritarianism.

But I don’t think it will always be this way. The Chinese people themselves, given the choice, would probably prefer a more open, transparent, and relaxed approach to life. That’s my guess. History itself will prove me right or wrong.


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