Canadian Politician Dragged for Watching Wife Shovel Snow After Hospital Shift | Opinion

A Canadian dude — a government official, no less — is getting dragged every which way for giving his wife a public “atta girl” for shoveling snow after putting in a hard day as a hospital frontline worker…

Oh Canada, Oh Jon.

Source: Canadian Politician Dragged for Watching Wife Shovel Snow After Hospital Shift


What is it with some Americans?

Whenever I have traveled to the US I went with open eyes and tried to get to know the people for who they are. To understand and not pass judgment.

I recall thinking how the guy working in the JFK or LaGuardia Airport (can’t remember exactly which one) seemed so ‘rooted.’ To my (at that time) relatively sheltered Canadian mind, he seemed to have a kind of gritty New York ‘soul’ whereas coming back to Canada, the airport workers seemed sort of ‘thin’ and ‘airy.’ Hard to explain the difference and this was the 80s. Things have changed dramatically since then.

In fact, we have made great strides in overcoming racism and sexism. Instead of lots of trendy talk and glossy media images like we see in the US, we actually do the thing for real.

So if this Canadian guy applauds his wife for shoveling the driveway, who cares? Maybe she needed to be out there alone to work off the stress of her hospital shift. How can we know? And he did prepare the meal, after all.

Seems to me this is a healthy reversal of traditional sex-role stereotypes. So while many Americans love to talk about it, this particular TMZ writer jumps on and mocks Canadians when they are actually forgetting about traditional sex-role stereotypes.

Americans are great at projecting a wonderful image of themselves through the media. But the reality, well… I think they still have a loooooong way to go in catching up to Canada in terms of actually realizing – and not just dreaming about – progressive social changes.

To run the risk of generalizing, Americans may be good at selling stuff and a partially deceptive ideology on the international market. But Canadians excel in treating others with dignity and respect, regardless of where they came from or what sex they happen to be. 😇

5 thoughts on “Canadian Politician Dragged for Watching Wife Shovel Snow After Hospital Shift | Opinion

      1. Honestly, I think we all have our strenghts and weaknesses, ideologies and realities. If you look at the tweets posted by some Canadians in reply to the initial tweet, it all seems pretty jumbled and arguably conflicted.


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