Pointing to St. Joseph as a model for fatherhood, Pope Francis reflected that Joseph had a remarkable “ability to know how to listen to God speaking to his heart.”

Source: Pope Francis: There is an Urgent Need for ‘Spiritual Fatherhood’ Today| National Catholic Register

Taken December 23, 2019 | OLPH Toronto


We really don’t know too much about St. Joseph. Most of the Biblical account portrays him as a sort of sideman who helps out but does not appear as a central character. Apparently, he was a lot older than his young wife Mary and by the time Jesus dies, Joseph just sorts of slips out of sight—probably passed by then.

But we don’t get too many details.

This leaves a lot of room for theologians to surmise. And that they do.

Religious mythologies serve their purpose. They not only inspire believers but also legitimize the structures of organized religion. I am not saying the entire New Testament is mythical. But it seems there are embellishments and exaggerations here and there. The loaves and the fishes, for instance? Walking on water?

These fantastic or should I say “miracle” stories are not necessarily impossible.

But most of us need money to eat and a surfboard or water skis to ‘walk’ on water!

As for the Pope’s message, just the other day he was dissing couples for not having children. And now he says we need more “spiritual” fathers.

Hmm. Could not some of those apparently selfish married without children couples be fulfilling that role? Along with being spiritual mothers?

I think so.

Have a peaceful Sunday everyone…