Margaret E. Beare (1946 – 2019)

The final section of the conference paper reviews unique policing issues related to East European crime specifically in Canada, such as what the police community saw to be the key threats from Russian organized criminals.

NCJ Number – 192822
Author(s) – Margaret E. Beare
Date Published – March 2000

Source: Russian (East European) Organized Crime Around the Globe | Office of Justice Programs


Watching the news this morning I began to feel like the world is falling apart. Discarded textiles in Africa… vagrants and drug abusers in major US cities… random killings… the rich/poor gap ever-widening… If I merely watched Tucker Carlson, whom I taped last night, I would be feeling pretty desperate.

In a way, I agree with a lot of what Tucker says. Especially now that he perceives a kind of plot or hidden agenda to replace Biden. Have you noticed how even CNN is now getting critical of Biden? I may or may not have blogged about it, but when he first took office, I definitely felt that the whole endgame of getting Biden elected was to phase him out and replace him ASAP. Not sure if Biden and his brave, supportive wife were aware of that. But that’s what I saw at the very outset. And now others are talking about the possibility.

I am good at perceiving things well before many others perceive them. Like anyone else, I have the usual amount of shortcomings but seeing things in advance is one of my great strengths. I am not boasting. It is a gift that I have paid for dearly over the years.

Another terrible scenario I have perceived for many years is the subtle presence of Russian and related central European operatives, bribing and threatening government representatives in free countries around the world, and even doing so with law enforcement.

It’s a nasty scenario and what alarms me most is that nobody talks about this.

So either I am way off or way too close for comfort. By way too close I mean that nobody ‘in-the-know’ or benefitting from a covert occupation would talk about it because they are afraid of the repercussions.

And I think this could be, in part, the evolving situation in Canada.

True, many folks don’t talk about issues like this because they are clean-living, naive people who don’t see what I see. (Some sweet young innocents may even unwittingly marry some of these hostile charlatans!) I don’t blame people for being naive and misinformed. I would probably be the same way had I not gone thru a tremendous transformation over the years that, I believe, has opened me up enough to see through monstrous plots such as this.

The world may be on the verge of collapsing but the good news is we can save it.

Scared silence will not save us from the lying, abusive, and twisted scoundrels of this world. But affirmative action might.

What’s your choice?