Police close ramp to major Ontario highway as crowds line route of ‘Freedom Convoy’ in GTA | CP24.com | Opinion

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has suggested that there is a “small fringe minority of people” associated with the protest who hold “unacceptable views” when it comes to public health restrictions. He has said that those individuals “do not represent the views of Canadians.”

But the demonstrators who spoke with CP24 said that they believe Canadians are behind them. 

Source: Police close ramp to major Ontario highway as crowds line route of ‘Freedom Convoy’ in GTA | CP24.com


I have nothing against a peaceful protest. What I find slightly discouraging, however, is how the people will rise up against this perceived injustice but remain in the dark, I would argue, about a far more serious threat to their home and native land.

Threats like Eastern European organized crime where infiltrators hide out in institutions where most people would never imagine a cheap thug would be hiding. Thugs who thrive on activities like human trafficking, illegal arms dealing, peddling dangerous drugs, and international money laundering.

The problem is these cagey creeps come to Canada from their hellhole homelands, perceiving little or no choice. Do the head honcho’s bidding or be out on their arse. And by weaseling their way into otherwise noble Canadian institutions, they degrade this land, steal from its people, and rob many of their rightful opportunity to make a fair and honest living.

Some might even prey on and marry a much younger, innocent person to bolster their seemingly legitimate cover. These thugs are only thinking of themselves and not how their deception would eventually shatter the young person if they found out older hubby or wifey is an immigrant criminal or spy.

So as I say if everyday Canadians really knew what was going down in their country, would they protest like those we see in today’s story? Or would they just fold from fear and allow the country to go to ruin?

History has shown that Canadians can be tough when need be. For example, The Battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917 and Juno Beach on D-Day, 6 June 1944. Let’s hope we extend that courageous moral rectitude into the 21st century and beyond.

Nobody except attention-seeking, unresolved psychopaths desire war but sometimes the general population must stand up and fight for freedom.

Hostiles in Canada are like a deadly vacuum or a black hole in space. You can’t see the emptiness but it sucks everything of substance into sheer nothing.

It’s high time Canadians opened their eyes and began plugging those dark and dangerous holes.

Canadians on D-Day, June 6, 1944 – We cannot let their sacrifice go unanswered

4 thoughts on “Police close ramp to major Ontario highway as crowds line route of ‘Freedom Convoy’ in GTA | CP24.com | Opinion

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this post. I agree with what you say, but it took Covid 19 to wake people up and start looking at all the evil going on in the world and do something about it.

    It will be no good if rightly protesting against the useless/harmful health restrictions, they leave it at that. There are a lot more battles to be fought and won as you so rightly point out.

    We are in WW3 right now and the parallels are the same, only 80 years from WW2, making us in 1942.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. When I write like that I usually feel as if something larger than myself kicks in. Later, I sometimes think “what are you doing?” And other times I think it will make no difference anyhow. Sigh. Que Serra Serra. 🙂😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It makes a very great difference believe me. You just need some space and time out to do something you enjoy after what is a battle of words.

        In military terms this is R & R, rest and relaxation.

        Then you are ready for the fight again.

        Yours, Baldmichael

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