Netflix’s Don’t Look Up – An honest reaction

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen it!

Have you ever warned someone about something, believed you were right, felt the issue was important, and yet were roundly ignored?

If you have, this movie might work for you.

Prophets of doom are not usually met with approbation. Think of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

Jeremiah’s prophecies prompted plots against him.[Jeremiah 11:21–23] Unhappy with Jeremiah’s message, possibly from concern that it would shut down the Anathoth sanctuary, his priestly kin and the men of Anathoth conspired to kill him. However, the Lord revealed the conspiracy to Jeremiah, protected his life, and declared disaster for the men of Anathoth.[29][Jeremiah 11:18–2:6] When Jeremiah complains to the Lord about this persecution, he is told that the attacks on him will become worse.

A priest, Pashur the son of ben Immer, a temple official in Jerusalem, had Jeremiah beaten and put in the stocks at the Upper Gate of Benjamin for a day. After this, Jeremiah laments the travails and mockery that speaking God’s word have caused him.[Jeremiah 20:7] He recounts how, if he tries to shut God’s word inside, it burns in his heart and he is unable to hold it in.[Jeremiah 20:9]

Admittedly, after getting past Jennifer Lawrence’s bewitching beauty in the opening scenes, I said to myself, “This would never happen in real life. They would take Leonardo and Jennifer’s data-based warnings more seriously.”

But soon after it twigged. This was a sendup. Sheer satire.

I can be a bit slow sometimes. But once I realized the entire film is a parody on our superficial wireless world, then it became quite amusing. Like Monty Python for the 21st century.

Also commendable is the fact that it did not have a happy ending. Sometimes life doesn’t work out with Luke Skywalker saving the day. And some recent intellectuals have pointed out how regimented both Hollywood and academic mythographers have been in this regard.

The hero’s journey…

Bah humbug!

Tell that to the young Jewish girl who was hanged by the Nazis and filmed while it happened. Actually, she was a hero – if you saw that particular footage, you will know what I am talking about – because she looked directly into that savage German cameraman with a calm that denied him and all the other monsters their beastly power.

She was dignified in the face of a horrendous and cruel death.

I’ll never forget that image. It still haunts me today. And the final scenes of Don’t Look Up are, in a fictional way, somewhat similar. Family and friends sit around a dinner table, share stories and pray, knowing full well that they are about to be blasted into infinity.

The people who saw this film as a “bomb” probably just weren’t mature enough to face reality. They still want to live the Hollywood Dream.

But by God. By now we know that’s mostly b.s.

Things may work out perfectly in the afterlife. I think they probably do. But down here… most of us feel the heat and sometimes even react out of character when we get burnt.




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