Free Speech – Who picks and chooses what gets censored, who gets augmented or imprisoned?

One of the biggest problems with Big Government and Big Media stepping in to squelch free speech is that it potentially undermines the natural flow of human development. If everything is repressed, then we will live in a state of repression. It’s not too complicated.

If I don’t like what someone says or does, I reply. And sometimes I use catchy language because that is what often pushes those buttons that need to be pushed. Psychological complexes are never resolved if those possessing them are pampered and protected.

Also, the fundamental hypocrisy of the public sphere needs to be addressed.

Here are a few stories that caught my eye. They should send up a red flag not only for those whose flag is red and white, but for people all around the world.

Put it together folks. Too much government interference is not good for the people.


What are you thinking?

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