Hostiles Down Under – Could it Happen in the True North?

Here is an interesting article. Australian spy agency learns that hostile actors had been attempting to infiltrate their political system.

Back in the 1990s, I began asking the same kinds of questions about Canada. Could hostile actors in Canada be working away to undermine and erode all that we hold dear in our Canadian democracy?

When I suggested this possibility to fellow Canadians the reaction was usually less than fantastic, except for two professors who took my idea seriously. Canadians are nice, arguably naive folk who don’t always realize just how nasty and duplicitous some people can be.

Those professors, however, wrote glowing letters of recommendation for my ongoing studies. They seemed to realize I might have been on to something.

Today, we have the concrete case of Cameron Ortis, which hopefully will open a few eyes in this country. Not that Ortis has been charged. He is still awaiting an eight-week jury trial, scheduled for September 2022.

Still, the very fact that he was arrested should alert Canadians to the sad truth about international operators and their illicit activities.

According to documents viewed in the immediate aftermath of his arrest, the classified intelligence material Ortis is accused of preparing to share included some of Canada’s most closely held national security assets, and its dissemination would have threatened Canada’s relations with its allies. – Source: CBC

My own view is that if Canadians really knew what was happening in this country, the resultant protest could make the Freedom Convoy disruptions look like child’s play.

2 thoughts on “Hostiles Down Under – Could it Happen in the True North?

    1. Probably some good people are wrongly accused while some bad apples continue to spread their rot. The problem with such activity is that it is always secret. Most experts admit to not really knowing exactly what is going on. But I think the people can sense the change over the years. This Freedom Convoy seemed to spring out of nowhere but it was brewing…

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