Macron refused to take Russian Covid test – BBC News | Opinion

A source says the health procedure was unacceptable amid reports France was protecting Mr Macron’s DNA.

Source: Macron refused to take Russian Covid test – BBC News


I laughed when I saw this headline. Not a lot of trust if Macron is concerned about the Russians pilfering his DNA in a Covid test.

This entire meeting was broadcast live on one of the free news channels I mentioned in my previous post. I watched with fascination as Macron clearly was pulling out all his French diplomacy tricks, while Putin just sat there like a big, sour baby, happy to get his pablum spoonfed by Macron.

What does Macron really think about Putin? During the meeting he diplomatically said, to paraphrase, we all have “different perspectives” on our mutual histories, and so on. And in a sense he is right. But he also simplified the situation in a desperate attempt to deescalate the big sourpuss.

In WW-II the Allies and the Axis powers also had “different perspectives” but that does not mean they were of equal moral value. Just ask one of those poor victims, stripped naked and staring into a horrendous hole of dead people that they were about to join with a bullet in the back of the head. If they could speak from the afterlife, I doubt they would say the “different perspectives” of WW-II were of equal value.

Clearly, Macron was coddling his Russian counterpart. And as an American FOX news commentator said last night, it was “embarrassing” for the US that their President Biden wasn’t present with Putin but probably off getting another ice cream cone. Biden would be briefed by Macron, not the other way around.

Oh, how the world has changed in so very few years.

Let’s pray for peace. Let’s pray that Putin has a moment of moral sanity and realizes that even one unnecessary death or injury is not only unacceptable but will ultimately come back to hurt him.

What goes around, comes around. On that, we can be sure.

People are people, so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully…



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