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Source: Markus Schulz presents GDJB with Dan Thompson guestmix on AH.FM 20-01-2022

I know trance is sort of ‘out’ but just in case you’re ever in the mood, this is the place to be.

Back in the 90s ‘techno’ and ‘trance’ as marketing categories were still new and an Ottawa college radio station played Indy trance all night. I just set my tape recorder and let it roll. Still have some of those tapes somewhere.

These days Ottawa is making headline news, not only in Canada and the US but with copycat Freedom Convoys springing up around the globe. I admired the truckers at first for thumbing it to Trudeau and his cronies, but if our shelves begin to go bare maybe I won’t be so impressed.

Canada permits legal demonstrations, not illegal blockades.

Hopefully, this situation resolves soon… and peacefully.