Where to stream the Oscar nominations 2022 | Opinion

Time to catch up!

Source: Where to stream the Oscar nominations 2022


I have been watching the Oscars less and less over the past decade. Seems political correctness, quotas and ‘equity’ (which is not necessarily the same as equality or success through merit) have largely eclipsed quality. Sociologically, it is mildly interesting to see which particular theme or group is favored this year over others. But that’s the real story. The real movie, if you will, in the everchanging American fantasy factory known as Hollywood.

However, just in case anyone is interested, the above-linked page does list the nominees.

Myself, I usually prefer watching somewhat obscure films casually recommended thru the web. It often takes me a long time to “catch up,” as the summary says, to the big Hollywood blockbusters, if ever. I mean, I could run after the garbage truck and “catch up” to that. But what a stink! Only a nut would chase after freshly packaged trash.

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