U.S. and European leaders are clearly awakening to the threat, but if the displacement of global democratic norms by authoritarian powers is to be reversed, the world’s democracies will have to mount a much more serious and comprehensive response. At stake is the right of people everywhere to live freely within an international system that upholds their fundamental rights.

Source: The Growing Threat of a World Run by Dictators | RealClearPolitics


The above offers a comprehensive look at dictators around the world and suggests we need to wake up, take stock, and be ready for the worst while hoping for the best.

I saw an ugly trend sweeping across Canada, beginning in the 1990s. Suddenly my county didn’t handle its affairs in the warm, fair and compassionate way it once did. To put it simply, when I had a problem, the response was cold as ice. Lots of beauraucratic b.s. and “new policies” that even a child could see through, and very little actual help. Actually none in my case.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965)

Next Trudeau comes to power and starts frittering away the taxpayers’ dollars with any whimsical cause that he was happy to post about on Twitter. Add to that the disproportional – in terms of a cost-benefit ratio – carbon tax which he has imposed on an already struggling economy, and Canada suddenly is bracing for hard times.

For many actually, Canada is in the midst of hard times. Not just bracing for them. But Trudeau continues to live out his Green Dream as some kind of Climate Change Savior.

Does it still make him feel good even if it’s breaking the backs of ordinary Canadians?

Now I do not think Trudeau is a dictator but I do think he has repeatedly made questionable decisions. See, for instance: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNC-Lavalin_affair.

Lesson From the Past

In World War II women entered the workforce because freedom was at stake. For women to become “Rosie the Riveter” in that era was truly revolutionary.

Hopefully, Putin will stop his murderous aggression at Ukraine and that will be that. But if Russia and China decide to try to unravel our freedoms, we will need to shift our focus entirely. No more frittering away good tax dollars to politically correct ’causes’ around the globe. And far more time, energy, and money put directly into national defense.

It’s ugly but it would be even uglier to be overrun by real dictators, not just foolish liberal politicians who don’t really have a grasp on what’s happening today.