Think about it. Putin talks about restoring ‘Mother Russia’ to its fullness. He just can’t handle the fact that Ukraine separated and that Ukrainians have grown up, apart from Russia with their own unique identity. Putin wants it all back the way it was with Peter the Great, or whenever it was that Ukraine belonged to Russia (you almost have to be a genius to sort it all out).

The point is, for Ukrainians, IT’S OVER as we say with modern relationships turned sour. The past is the past. But Putin just can’t face up to that fact. He needs to get back to some kind of dreamy, symbiotic peace and unity that he obviously isn’t feeling today.

A mother and child reunion?

Admittedly, when I was in grad school I downplayed the importance of Sigmund Freud’s theories. But in this case, Freud might have something to say concerning the dark and increasingly irrational character we witness not only with Putin but with any megalomaniac who just can’t accept that people (and countries) grow up and go their own way.

When that happens, we need to accept the loss and adapt to fulfill our emotional and spiritual needs in new, healthier ways.

With Putin, however, it seems he’s willing to kill innocents to symbolically restore a sense of unity with his real or perhaps imagined mother.

There’s actually some confusion as to just who Putin’s mother really is, which might be part of the problem: