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Hejira host Jeff Spitzer-Resnick had a chance to catch up with Bruce Cockburn, who is coming to Madison on March 12th, while he was on tour. Here is a lightly edited […]

Source: Bruce Cockburn: musician-philosopher – WORT 89.9 FM


This post probably won’t be too relevant to those beyond Canada and except perhaps for a handful of US visitors. But for many Canadian college kids, Bruce Cockburn was it.

There was a time when his music inspired me to almost mystical heights. That was before I really knew what mysticism was about and since then I’ve grown up and, to be honest, mostly out of his music.

But still, out of respect for his contribution to that part of my journey, I mention him here. My Tumblr review represents a ‘moment of feeling’ (like Cockburn’s “Rocket Launcher” song) and might be a bit cynical. Rather than censor myself – something Cockburn is also against – I thought I’d just leave it “as is” and ameliorate it with a softer intro here.

At any rate, here’s a collection of Cockburn albums that spoke to me most. There were other songs I liked from other records. But these discs I see as belonging to Cockburn’s “classic” period. It’s a highly selective, biased list. Note also that I have deleted one album from within this time period.

If anyone is interested, I would recommend these records first, and then branching out into the 1980s and perhaps his very first release.

Partial, edited discography. Click on the image for the complete list

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