Opinion | Behave like a Soviet… get treated like a Soviet

For a long time, I have been wary of Vladimir Putin. My gut just told me this guy was a disturbed, insecure person who would do anything to make himself feel like a ‘big man.’ Then I watched a doc or two about how he came to power and also watched how he altered policies to ensure that he could rule for as long as he was alive.

Behave like a Soviet, get treated like a Soviet

I was also concerned about his operatives in otherwise free countries because through bribes, by marrying naive and unsuspecting locals, and with subtle threats of violence, I realized that these agents too, could gradually destroy a democratic country like Canada.

We are caught between a rock and a hard place because we all want to stop Putin but realize he is so insane, he just might use nuclear weapons. We are not certain but cannot take that chance.

And as I said before, Putin knows this. He preys on our goodness and concern for humanity as a whole.

That’s what creeps do.

They prey on innocents with no regard for how their bizarre behavior will affect not only victims, but their families, their countries, and the world at large.

China and India remain somewhat neutral which I find distasteful, to put it mildly. But Serbia is expecting an increase in business from the EU as most major companies pull out of Russia.

Yes, I feel sorry for the honest Russian business person or citizen. But Russia, in my opinion, has been carrying some kind of lingering political ‘disease’ which we hoped would disappear with Gorbachev but unfortunately did not.

So if Putin behaves like a Soviet – which he is – his people, unfortunately, have to suffer like Soviets.

Some say the best thing would just be to kill Putin. But I disagree. I think a lifelong prison sentence for him – and for his active stooges around the world – would be better. That way, these disturbed individuals might see the light and repent before they die.



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