BBC Panorama Roman Abramovich’s Dirty Money – YouTube | Opinion

I watched part of this last night on BBC, enough to get the idea. Seems what I have been saying about Russia carrying some kind of societal ‘disease’ for decades wasn’t too far off.

This doc fleshes out some of the details – obviously not all – of my general impression. Mind you, some of the more serious allegations are just that—allegations. But my guess is the general principle of unprincipled tycoons ripping off the average taxpayer isn’t just conspiratorial thinking. Watch this and see what you think.

Also, I do not believe Russia is the only country where this happens. It’s a matter of degree. But how much can we tolerate before the starving and homeless stage a mass revolt?

If Putin had just stayed put, as it were, and not tried to glorify himself and his country by snatching back what Russia once possessed, he might have lived to a ripe old age, rich and happy in his crimes. But now his future seems shaky at best.

Oh, hubris. How it brings down even the craftiest of criminals.

2 thoughts on “BBC Panorama Roman Abramovich’s Dirty Money – YouTube | Opinion

  1. I don’t need to watch the programme because it’s quite obvious that anyone with so much money (RA) hasn’t gained it by employment, hasn’t done a day’s work in his life! Wheeling, dealing is not “work”! It’s cheating on others!

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    1. Well, I am sure they see it as work. And in a sense one could argue it is (work = transformation of energy). But the question arises – is it ethical work?

      We could debate this for hours. For me, I just have to make a case by case assessment and choose whom to support, whom to tolerate and whom to oppose.


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