Spying on the spies: How the garda keeps tabs on Russian agents working from Dublin – Independent.ie | Opinion

Protest: Graffiti outside the Russian Embassy on Orwell Road, Dublin yesterday. Photo: Gareth Chaney/Collins Photos | independent.ie

Irish security services have been closely monitoring the activities of Russian spies operating from its embassy in south Dublin for “several years”, with intelligence gathered being shared “when necessary” with the security agencies of friendly nations such as the US and the UK, sources have confirmed.

Source: Spying on the spies: How the garda keeps tabs on Russian agents working from Dublin – Independent.ie


Ireland seems to have a firm grip on maintaining its national integrity. Seeing this article prompted me to reflect on my own country, Canada.

To me, it seems Canada has an incredibly limp attitude toward hostile operators lurking within its own borders.

One could even say our leaders have a proverbial ‘split personality’ when it comes to dealing with Russia.

On the surface, we hear big talk from Trudeau and his cronies about sanctions against Russia. Meanwhile, Putin’s underworld stooges continue to degrade our democracy, some perhaps even being rewarded while doing so.

Why would this sorry state of affairs exist at all?

Well, when a country is bureaucratically oppressed by those hostile to freedom, fairness and democracy, people in the know tend to clam up. They are rightly concerned about repercussions if they say or do anything. And this oppression and fear could extend, I would argue, to our intelligence services as well.

We have seen in the USA how split and conflicted its intelligence agencies are. It’s like a civil war that few hear about. Why should things be any different in Canada?

In other words, we’re in deep trouble if we don’t actively work to stop the spread of hostile influences within our own Canadian institutions. It’s about time Canadians saw past the publically visible Liberal rhetoric of ‘sanctions’ and ‘outrage’ concerning the attack on Ukraine to realize that an equally insidious agenda is happening right here and now, right under our noses.


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