Opinion | Watching and Waiting

The past day or so I’ve been having this sick feeling that China is just watching to see what happens and might ultimately side with Russia – more firmly, that is – and together the two authoritarian powers will try to take on the world.

We all know what would happen next. The war in Ukraine could ultimately become a war in our hometown, pretty much wherever we are around the globe.

I dread the day when I hear that some major US or even Canadian city has been nuked. Let’s hope it never happens. But with Putin’s insanity and modern China’s questionable ethical track record, you never know. Putin and Xi both seem to share extreme childhood traumas along with a deep-seated jealousy and hatred for the West, that envy and animosity being hardboiled within their stooges who hide out in universities and other seemingly innocuous places. Lingering in the shadows of violence and lies these stooges live out their hollow, duplicitous lives, sowing discord and exploiting innocents.

Jealousy and hatred are powerful drivers but not as powerful as the desire for peace.

So the idea of ‘Watching and Waiting’ could be taken another way. A better way.

Here’s a not too well-known Moody Blues song I liked when I was a first-year student at the U. My sweetheart at the time was traveling overseas and I was home alone, trying to make the best of our long-distance relationship thru snail mail.

I was also learning new ideas that they didn’t teach in high school… Freud, Sartre, Plato. And I loved it.

Not exactly the bar-hopping type of guy, I had lots of time to just be quiet and listen to music. This is one of the tunes I remember listening to after class:

And this live version. I found the intro interesting. The Moody Blues once said in an interview that the key to their ongoing success was sincerity.

Basically, the song is saying life doesn’t have to be hell down here on Earth. It’s our choice.

How will you respond to the gifts God has given you?


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