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Before the pandemic, I attended the short mid-week Masses on an almost daily basis. I missed it for the longest time, and still do to some extent. But the Catholic Church’s attitude toward being ‘careful’ about the spread of Covid 19 doesn’t quite match up to my attitude about being careful.

Apparently, they use hand sanitizers but I read that alcohol-based sanitizers are not as effective and should only be used when soap is not available. Well, soap is available at any Catholic parish, and maybe if they installed a tap and sink right there on the altar and I could see the priest thoroughly wash their hands, I might go for the Eucharist.

I live with a high-risk person so am reluctant to take many risks, myself.

If I lived alone, perhaps I’d be going today. But that is not the case!

Watching this Mass brought back some familiar memories, mostly about the words we recite at Mass and how I sometimes inwardly react to the whole process. Mostly it’s good. But there always is a bit of resistance.

Overall, I don’t mind that Catholic Masses are not thrilling. For me, the Holy Spirit is a quiet indwelling and not a fanatical leaping and jumping like we have with some so-called Fundamentalists. I go to Mass – or watch it on TV – for inner peace, not for something like the thrill of a football match or Stanley Cup Playoff.

But clearly, not all Christians see it this way. Some folks I have talked to say that attending Catholic Mass actually brought them down.


We’re all different.

This morning’s Mass elevated me to some extent, not quite like being there but somewhat. When blogging and everything else gets flat boring, there’s always Jesus Christ to fall back on. ✝️


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