BBC global warming documentary ‘included a number false claims’ – Energy Live News | Opinion

Among other allegations, the programme claimed deaths globally were rising due to extreme weather

Source: BBC global warming documentary ‘included a number false claims’ – Energy Live News


Like any good church, the Church of Science tells half-truths and partial lies. The above-linked article seems to be written by those favorable to the energy industry. And the Church of Science has done its best to demonize the oil and gas sectors of that industry and everyone who champions them. But with Putin and his cronies now behaving like demons, we see in full color just how important oil and gas are to our well-being. Why else would so many EU countries be pledging to slowly phase out Russian oil imports instead of immediately cutting them to zero?

Answer: Oil and gas are still crucial to our lives.

We would all love to see totally clean energy. And someday that will probably come. But today, where we are now, we need oil and gas. Electric vehicles still consume power too. Do EV owners consider where all those toxic car, bus and tram batteries will go once they are no good? Or how about the method in which most of the electricity needed to charge them will be generated? (Wind, water and solar power are still minority players, to put it mildly, and bring their own unique problems).

The answers to where most of the power comes from are not Green but toxic, especially if there is a dramatic rise in EVs in the near future.

Can you say coal pollution? Can you say atomic waste? And a lot more of each?

It’s time for the Church of Green, that offshoot of the Church of Science, to come to grips with being honest. Otherwise, it is not really different from any other church hiding ugly realities for its own benefit at the expense of many.



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