I guess her hands are tied… See Season 2, Episode 1 of THE WIFE

Last night it dawned on me that the computer I retrieved out of the trash last February has a touchscreen. I wasn’t using it because I am admittedly extremely Covid cautious. But after a couple of wipes with soapy water and lots of time passed, I figure it’s safe by now. Still, I wash my drawing finger with soap afterward. No harm done in being ultra-cautious, I say.

Anyhow, I found touchscreen drawing somewhat liberating. So I decided to pick up on my fictional Comix Noir series, The Wife.

Some ‘deviations’ at Deviant Art

After finishing I realized her arms are not visible. I guess her hands are tied! 😉

Because this is sort of an adult theme I think I’ll leave it at Deviant Art. If interested, just click on the image for the entire series.

My latest “deviation” is green and pink. Season 1, Episodes 1-3 are tan-colored and need to be clicked on because they are animated. (The nails spa image “Meltdown” has nothing to do with this fictional series. Or maybe it does and I didn’t realize it 😄).




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