Scientism video update – It doesn’t get much more ‘old school’ than this!

I finally got my old 1980s mic working with a tape deck (set to record) as a preamp. It’s analog gear going into a PC, where the actual digital recording takes place.

So this morning I got some good vocals down. Having your voice properly modulated makes all the difference, and I am feeling good about this. But I still have a long way to go, syncing it to a video.

Originally I was just going to sync text with photos and short video clips, but even I could see it was boring! So I realized I had to talk.

Truth be told, I think I needed a little holiday from daily posting at Earthpages. But I’m not gone. Just ‘in development’! 😄

Hopefully, the full video will be up before too long. Until then, enjoy your summer everyone! 😇


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