Now Closed – Calling for a great voice to volunteer for Earthpages upcoming “Scientism” video

Dear Friends,

Thanks for reading and considering this proposal. The call for collaboration is now closed.

Last night I installed Windows 7 on this old PC that I picked up for 30 bucks before the pandemic. The guy who sold it to me pulled a bit of a fast one as it didn’t even boot without freezing. After trying everything I took the back off thinking I would at least salvage it for parts.

But the joke was on him.

It doesn’t necessarilly prevent rip off artists!

I noticed a clip going into the motherboard that looked just a touch askew. So I wiggled it and jammed it back in, more tightly.

That fixed the computer which now works fine.

Moral of the story?

Never give up and don’t necessarily trust guys who say they are “Microsoft Certified” technicians. This guy gave me a business card to that effect, but as I say, he sold me something that apparently he knew didn’t work at the time of sale.

He did give me a Windows 7 CD, however. So after reinstalling that, I found the PC’S soundcard worked like a charm (it just made a lot of noise with Linux).

The bottom line is I did a second voice recording this morning and am quite happy with it. So no need for an external narrator. I may wish to branch out that way in the future. But for now, “everything’s okay” as Hank Williams put it!

Originally posted: June 28, 2022 at 15:15

Calling for a great voice to volunteer for Earthpages upcoming “Scientism” video

I’ll be honest, I would prefer a woman’s voice but a man would be considered if he met my specifications. As a volunteer, you will record the scripted voiceover for my upcoming YouTube video about “Scientism.” You will provide the raw take and I’ll edit out any unwanted noises or mistakes, maximize the loudness, and so on (unless you know how to do that, which would be an added bonus!).

I have done one take myself and it’s okay but not exactly stunning. What I’m looking for is someone whose English-speaking voice is articulate, well-paced, upbeat, and engaging. I don’t care what part of the world you come from and you don’t have to be a ‘big thinker.’ Your narration should take the video to another level and be easily understandable to any English speaker on the planet—what I used to call “international English” when I was a grad student in India. 🙂

If interested, please Contact Earthpages. See also Earthpages’ Policy and Disclaimer.

The successful candidate will be duly credited with ‘baked-in’ text at the close of the video.

Thank you!

Michael Clark, Ph.D.

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