Scientism – The Great Pretender – YouTube

Hi everyone, I got really bogged down making this video. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I did. But learning a new thing from scratch is always tricky for me.

Kdenlive is an amazing program. It’s free and packed full of features. I wouldn’t say it’s easy nor particularly difficult to learn. I’m just slow until I more or less ‘get it’ through a lot of research and repetition (to burn the keyboard shortcuts into memory).

Because it took so long to come up with this just-under-four-minutes video, I thought it best to divide “Scientism” into two parts. This part explains the difference between science and scientism. Hopefully, it makes clear that I am not against science! Just crummy science and those who out of ignorance, arrogance, or (sometimes) malice promote it.

More on that in the next part… 🙂


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