Better safe than sorry

I was all ready to add subs to my new video about “miracles” when YouTube gave me all kinds of copyright notices – not strikes – about some of the music clips I wanted to use. So after some quick thinking, I pulled all the clips while the video was still private and not shared publicly.

It’s too bad because the clips worked really well. However, I’m trying to integrate some quotes instead of clips to salvage the video. But it’s going to take time… more time.

Last night while rendering a draft of the video (rendering means mixing it down to a format you can upload to YouTube) with kdenlive, I had about 25 minutes to wait (kdenlive is great but pretty slow for the final rendering). So I flicked on the TV and watched Tucker Carlson for a while. I was surprised with this report. I thought he might have been hyping just one story from some obscure corner but turns out this is the real thing (I googled it and found the same story all over the web).

Funny how whenever I have questioned psychiatry, Big Pharma and some of the silly media “explanations” for psychological discomfort, I have usually received incredulous stares and stony silence. Scientism has penetrated so deep into the 21st-century psyche that very few are even willing to think intelligently about it.


What are you thinking?

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