Ex-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is now a regular at Fox News

I’ve often said that the USA resembles ancient Rome. A cynic will say that under the guise of democracy what we really have is unequal justice. One set of rules for the rich and another for the poor.

But the Trump raid proves it’s not quite that simple. There’s also infighting and political treachery. Maybe US presidents don’t get killed as often as Roman Emporers did, but the conflicts among today’s ‘nobles’ are just as real and pervasive in the USA as they were back in ancient Rome.

Kayleigh McEnany at Fox News said last night that this Trump affair makes the US look like a “banana republic.” I thought that phrase was totally ‘out’ these days, being seen as some kind of hangover from an old xenophobic North American sense of false superiority, but it does make the point. The US is losing cred very fast.

The USA is declining not only in the global power balance as Russia’s Putin acts out like a creepy monster and China’s Xi doesn’t take a stand this way or that, but the US is also taking a hit in overall prestige. People are actually talking more about Americans moving up to Canada to avoid their country’s speedy disintegration. Not only climate change but disturbing political changes are taking the USA by storm.

This is not a good thing. Or maybe it is, globally speaking. The rest of the world cannot really rely on the US anymore to be our global police force or our technical and moral exemplar. From now on, we’re all just going to have to band together and behave right.

On the other hand, American optimists are still saying that the US is not in a dreary recession but in a transition. The New Green Order will see the US at the forefront again, they proclaim.

Hmm. Seeing is believing. In the meantime, feel free to come to Canada. The weather’s getting nicer here due to climate change, which is another topic I hold fairly unconventional opinions on!