Does The Soul Exist? We defend the soul against false scientific assumptions | Opinion

Defending the soul and the soul’s existence. Mainstream science negates the existence of the soul and we say no! Offering an argument to defend its reality.

Source: Does The Soul Exist? We defend the soul against false scientific assumptions


It seems there are two types of people. The first type skims along the surface of life, doesn’t consciously experience or believe in the presence of a spiritual realm, and the other type goes a bit deeper and does believe in ideas like the soul and God.

The first type can be very nice people and the second type can be creepy. It’s not as if belief in the soul and God instantly makes you a good person.

But again, we could argue that these two types do exist.

When I first saw the above-linked article I wasn’t overly keen on posting it here. I’m sort of tired of talking about spirituality right now. And I’m also tired of talking about vulgar scientism. I did a lot of that before my summer staycation.

All the same, after visiting the Psychology Today article which the above-linked article rebuts, I realized it represents what we might call vulgar scientism. And we just cannot let that kind of thinking go by without saying something.

Myself, I will add to the critique that vulgar scientism often forgets that scientific observations are all about correlations. True, there are strong and weak correlations, but as I point out in my scientism video, science often overlooks many possible confounding variables due to experimenter bias and other kinds of prejudice. Good science recognizes this. Bad science doesn’t.

I wouldn’t care too much but my gut tells me we’re headed toward a pretty frightening future where the political power of scientism reaches right into people’s heads, even if they don’t want it to. I can’t really think of anything more Orwellian than that.

Can you?


What are you thinking?

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