5 Signs Someone Is Secretly A Sociopath – YouTube | Opinion


Some folks apparently ‘in the know’ at YouTube comment that this video is surprisingly close to reality. I must admit that while watching it I couldn’t believe how closely the description fit a certain professor I once had.

Ahh… so that’s it. The professor was just wired wrong! That’s why they remorselessly screwed me and got really angry over the phone when I asked for a rational explanation, I thought for a moment.

But is it really that simple? Just bad wiring?

Some say psychopathy is due to bad wiring while sociopathy is largely learned from some kind of trauma.

Having said that, we would do well to remember that both of these diagnoses and their scientific ‘explanations’ are socially constructed, as Berger and Luckmann put it so many years ago.

Those familiar with the basics of sociology will know about this book.

What psychiatrists rarely tell you is that competing theories have always existed in psychology. So if a psychiatrist or Big Pharma advertisement once said, “depression is a chemical imbalance” (which everyone now knows is false), we should have been on the alert.

I was always skeptical of such a simplistic, mechanistic explanation because the psyche exists in a great mystery that extends through the family, society, generations, the universe, and right up to God. To reduce the mind to the confines of some chemical interaction seems really superficial, not too wise, and potentially harmful.

Still, regardless of what the contributing influences may be, some folks are indeed cold manipulators and will do whatever they can to get what they want. As the video says, this is especially disturbing when some lying snake takes advantage of a gullible and naive romantic partner.

Do you know anyone like this?

Beware if you do!

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